Click Tracking

Similar to open tracking, click tracking is enabled per SMTP User, authenticated IP address, or API key. To enable click tracking, visit the appropriate section of the dashboard:

  • "Sending > SMTP Users”
  • “Sending > IP Authentication"
  • “Sending > API Keys"

From here, you’ll click on your username, IP address, or API key and navigate over to the “Tracking & Status” tab:


Once enabled, you'll then have the ability to see if a link was clicked from the "Reports > Activity" section.  Multiple “click” events will be added to the timeline if the link is clicked multiple times by the recipient.


Some limitations to bear in mind:

  • Click tracking is not available in plain text emails. 
  • Only properly formatted <a> tags with "href" attributes beginning with "http://" or "https://" can be tracked.
    Correct example: <a href="">SMTP2GO</a>
    Incorrect example: <a href="">SMTP2GO</a>
    SMTP2GO can create a secured tracking link for you - please see Step Four on the Sender Domains KB page.
  • Links must be well-formed, according to RFC-3986.
  • An optional data-no-track attribute can be used to ignore click tracking for particular links.
    Example: <a href="" data-no-track>SMTP2GO</a>

This data is also available through API requests, and Webhooks.

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