Free Plan

SMTP2GO offers a free plan, with a sending limit of 1,000 emails per month, and 200 emails per day.
The free plan is ideal for customers wanting to test the service, as well as those with lower sending needs. There’s no time limit with the free plan - you can have it for as long as it’s required.

If you send emails at a faster rate than the daily limit, we'll store them in a queue and deliver them as allowed by your quota. Once you reach the 1,000 monthly limit, sending will stop and any further attempts to send will be rejected (these emails are not held in the queue and sent once your quota resets). If you need more email volume per month, upgrading to a paid plan will remove the daily limitation, increase your monthly quota and provide further paid plan benefits - view our subscription differences article for more information on the plan levels we offer.

Customers on the free plan can access reporting for the past 5 days and paying customers can access reporting for 30 days. This includes reports for spam, bounces, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes and the ability to see full tracking details for every email.

It is important to note that you are required to add and verify the sender domain names (recommended) or single sender emails that you'll use to send emails on your account's 'Sending > Verified Senders' page. If you do not verify a sender domain, a 25 per hour limitation will be applied to the account.
The free plan allows up to 5 sender domains or single sender email addresses to be added (paid plans do not have a limit).

After 14 days, accounts on the free plan are limited to ticket support only. 

If you wish to give our service a trial run, or simply want to take advantage of our free plan, sign up here.

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