Free Plan

SMTP2GO offers a generous free plan, with a sending limit of 1,000 emails per month (and a rate limit of 25 emails/hour which is removed for members with a paid plan). If you send emails at a faster rate, we'll store them in a queue and deliver them as allowed by your hourly quota. If you do upgrade to a paid plan, any emails still in your queue will be sent immediately. Our free plan is ideal for customers wanting to test the service, as well as those with lower sending needs. 

There’s no time limit with the free plan - you can have it for as long as it’s required. 

Customers on the free plan have the same dashboard and reporting access as paying customers. Available reports for all customers include those for spam, unsubscribes and bounces. Within their dashboards, customers can also access full delivery status reports and much more. Our free plan also allows for unlimited senders.

We offer our customers on the free plan the same level of technical support - we don’t distinguish between our paying and non-paying customers, each one is as important and valued as the next. 

If you wish to give our service a trial run, or simply want to take advantage of our generous free plan, sign up here.

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