SMTP Users

SMTP Users are username and password combinations that are used to authenticate when your email client connects to our SMTP servers.

You manage SMTP Users from your account dashboard's "Sending > SMTP Users" page.


There is no limit on the number of SMTP Users that you add to your account and it is a great way to keep separation for different senders or setups. View our "When to Set Up Multiple SMTP Users" article for more information. For full separation of users, we recommend the Subaccount feature.

To add an SMTP User, click the 'Add SMTP user' button on the right side of the page, set a customized username, password, description (optional) and rate limit (optional). Further specific settings are controlled in each SMTP User's settings which include:


To remove an SMTP User, press the 'X' button on the far right side of the row. 

If your software does not allow entering a username and password for authentication, please view the alternative authentication options we offer (IP Authentication and Address Authentication).

If you have questions regarding SMTP Users or any other part of the SMTP2GO service, please reach out to our award-winning support team for assistance.

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