Team Setup

The Edit Team page allows you to manage the team members who have login access to your account.

To add a member to your team, so they can access your SMTP2GO dashboard, visit the “Account >
Edit Team” section from the left-side navigation menu in your account dashboard and then click the "Add team member" button on the right side.


You will need to enter their email address, set the permission level and notifications can be enabled for members who are an Owner or Admin. Finally, click the blue "Invite team member" button and an invitation email will automatically be sent to the email address. The recipient will need to follow the steps outlined in the email to create a password, enable 2FA if enforced and then they can log in


There are three permissions available for team members which include:

  • Owner: Full dashboard access
  • Admin: Full dashboard access (but no access to billing or plan management)
  • Reports: Reports access only

The “Notifications” option allows the team member to receive account management emails.

To update a team member's details, such as changing the email address or password, you can click on the team member's email address or press the down arrow on the right side and go to "Edit team member", enter your password and then you can make changes.
If you are unable to log in to the account, please see our Account Recovery - Login Access article.


To edit, remove, or enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), each team member must log in and then click the down arrow next to their email address on the right-hand side of the table (near the “2 Factor Auth” column). This cannot be done by the account owner, but by each team member individually.

The free plan is limited to a maximum of two team members and paid plans are unlimited.

An account’s company name may also be updated on the “Edit Team” page by clicking the “Change Organization Name” button towards the bottom of the page.

If you need assistance with managing team members in your account or have questions regarding other parts of the SMTP2GO service, please contact our friendly support team.

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