Worldwide Server Locations, IP Addresses, and Email Routing

SMTP2GO uses special routing technology which means that wherever in the world you connect to us, you'll connect to the nearest server (geographically speaking) to your location.

For example, if you're in the USA, you'll connect with one of our servers based in the USA. If you're in Europe, you'll connect with one of our servers based in Europe. Customers wishing to only ever connect to Europe can choose the EU-specific SMTP server name.

Connecting to a geographically close server is important as it greatly reduces the overall time to send an email, and can really speed things up if you're sending a large number of emails. We currently have inbound servers in Fremont (CA), Newark (NJ), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Singapore, and Sydney (Australia). We also have data centers in Chicago (IL), Reston (VA), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands), which securely send emails and store your account information.

If your company wishes to have everything located outside the USA, you can request to be placed in our Amsterdam data center. (If you sign up from Europe, then your account will automatically be placed there).

Inbound IP Addresses

When you connect to our SMTP server (for most customers this is you will connect to a different IP address depending on your location in the world. If you have an outbound firewall that only allows you to connect to particular IP addresses, you'll need to add the following entries to it.
Note: very few customers actually need to do this. If you do have such a firewall, follow this article to receive any updates if we ever add any additional IP addresses.

The range of IP addresses to allow:

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