Whitelisting Our IP Addresses With Your Incoming (MX) Server

SMTP2GO sends out emails from a range of different IP addresses.

The current IP addresses we use can always be found by looking at the SPF record for spf.smtp2go.com:


On the above page, you will see a series of IP address ranges, in the following format:
ip4:xyz.xyz.xyz.xyz/nn (this is called CIDR format)

If it is possible, it is often a good idea to have your incoming (MX) mail server whitelist the IP ranges shown on the above page.

The benefits of whitelisting with your incoming mail server include:

  • automatically bypassing unnecessary spam filters (as you have sent the emails, they shouldn't need to be scanned).
  • automatically bypassing any blacklist checks (just in case any IP address ever features on a blacklist).

Below is a sample screenshot from cPanel showing where to add an IP address to the whitelist:



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Latest update (July 2018): The outbound IP range has been added.

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