How to Resell SMTP2GO

Providing reliable and scalable email delivery (SMTP or API) is crucial for your customers to ensure their email communication has the best chance of reaching the recipient's inbox, and they have detailed insights into their delivery. Reselling SMTP2GO is the perfect option for MSPs, Agencies, Web Hosts or anyone who needs to manage email delivery for multiple companies, senders or setups.

Reselling SMTP2GO is simple, all accounts on paid plans have the ability to create Subaccounts on the 'Settings > Subaccounts' section of the dashboard. There's no limit on the number of subaccounts you create, but you will need to ensure your master account is on a plan large enough to cover the monthly volume for all subaccounts. A discount may be available for resellers who meet our criteria. Note: All billing is handled via the master account.

The major benefits of Subaccounts include, easily separating client data (or setups), you can easily manage each subaccount from your master account and you can grant clients access to their specific subaccount if required (Owner, Admin or Report only permissions). For larger senders, you can provide dedicated IPs for full control of IP reputation.


To create a subaccount, click the 'Add subaccount' button then fill in the required options - set a name, email address (optional) and allocate a portion of your master account's monthly email quota to the subaccount. You can allocate up to 3x your monthly quota limit. For larger senders, you can choose to add a dedicated IP. You can update the subaccounts quota or add other paid features at any time as requirements change.


When logged in to a subaccount, you can return to your master account by going to the Subaccounts menu at the top of the dashboard and clicking the green 'Back to master' button.


View our dedicated Subaccounts article for full feature detail.

If you have questions in regard to reselling, start by visiting our dedicated Reseller site. If you would like more information on how else SMTP2GO can benefit you and your customers, please contact us anytime.

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