Email Auditing

The Email Auditing feature allows a BCC copy of every email to be sent to designated email addresses of your choice.

Email Auditing is enabled individually for SMTP Users, API Keys or Authenticated IPs (IP Authentication) in their respective sections:

Sending > SMTP Users
Sending > API Keys
Sending > IP Authentication

After going to the section, select the specific SMTP User, API Key or IP and then go to the "Advanced" tab.
You can then enter the designated address (or multiple addresses separated by a comma) and save the change.

A BCC copy of every email sent will now also be sent to the designated address(es).


You must leave the “Email Auditing” field blank in order to disable this feature.

Please note that BCC copies will count against your monthly email quota.

If you have questions regarding Email Auditing or any other part of the SMTP2GO service, please contact our award-winning support team for assistance.

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