Email Overage

One of the many benefits of subscribing to a paid plan is email overage. Email overage provides you with the flexibility to send up to three times over your plan's monthly limit for a small fee. This fee is collected at the end of each billing month when applicable.

For example, if your account is on the Starter 40,000 emails per month plan, you can continue sending past the initial 40,000 limit in the billing month, up to a maximum of 120,000. If you send three times over your plan's monthly limit, sending will stop. To continue sending, you would need to upgrade your plan

You can monitor your current monthly quota usage in your account on the main Dashboard page or on the Summary page. Quota notification emails will be sent to team members (who have "Notifications" enabled) leading up to reaching your plan's initial monthly limit and when you exceed that. Please view our Quota Usage Notifications article for more information.

Each plan has a tailored overage cost. To view your current plan or other available plan's overage costs, please navigate to the "Account > Change Plan" page of your dashboard.


The overage cost is also included on the Pricing page for specific plans.

To be eligible for email overage, your account will need to be fully activated. Details regarding the review process for full activation, which is an automatic process, are covered in our New Account Limits and the Review Process article.

If an account (master) has subaccounts and is not fully activated, sending will not be able to go into email overage. This would typically be encountered if there is no sending via the master account and only via the subaccounts to which the master account allocates its monthly email quota. A banner would display mentioning "Note this subaccount is currently restricted from sending due to the master account reaching its email allowance". In this situation, please contact our support team for assistance.

Please note that accounts without a card on file (purchase orders/wire transfers) will be able to send over their plan’s monthly limit. SMTP2GO would then invoice for overage costs once a certain limit is met or it will be added to the next plan renewal.
This does not apply to legacy subscriptions paying via purchase orders/wire transfers. If you would like to upgrade your account to allow overage, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Email overage is not available on the free plan.

If you have questions regarding email overage or other parts of our service, please contact our friendly support team for assistance.

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