DNS Setup for OVH

The following guide is relevant for SMTP2GO customers, who have a domain name hosted with OVH.

Step 1

Log in to your OVH Account. Under the Domains section, select the domain that you want to update.


Step 2

Go to the DNS Zone tab and click the Add an entry.


Step 3

Click the CNAME button.


Step 5

Enter the Hostname we recommend into the Sub-domain field.
Note: You may only need to add the first part of the recommended hostname and not your full domain name to your DNS records as your provider may automatically add it.

Enter the Value that we advise for your CNAME record into the Target field, then click the Next button. It is likely you will also need to put a period at the end (this is an OVH-specific quirk). For example, you would enter "dkim.smtp2go.net." including the period. Click the Confirm button.


You can find the "Hostname/Subdomain" and "Value/Target" on the Sending > Verified Senders > Sender domains section of your SMTP2GO Dashboard.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each required CNAME record.


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