Email Testing

Email testing is offered to those on Professional level plans (100,000 emails per month and above).

You may use this feature by visiting the “Reports > Email Testing” section of your SMTP2GO account’s dashboard.


From there, you can input your 'From' name and email address, email subject and HTML code. Once you've created your test email, you can choose to "Preview in my inbox," perform a "Spam filter test," or do a "Screenshot test".

Preview in my inbox sends a copy of the email to an email address of your choice so you can preview how it appears.

Spam filter tests let you see how major spam filters will handle your email. Depending on the spam filter, it may give you some more specific information as to any issues that may cause the email to be marked as spam. With this information, you can adjust the content of your email accordingly to ensure that your emails get delivered directly to the inbox.  

Screenshot tests allow you to test how an email will appear to a recipient, within their given email client. You can choose from over 50 email clients across all of the major platforms for browser, desktop, and mobile-based email clients. When a screenshot test is run, we also run a link test on the given email. This will test all the links found within the email by checking whether the links resolve and if they are blocklisted or suspicious.

An allowance of 1000 email testing credits is applied to each account per month. 


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