Canceling Your Account

We very much hope you decide to stay with us, however we understand that at some point in time you may need to close/cancel your account.

This can be done from within your SMTP2GO control panel.

  • Log in to your SMTP2GO account
  • Go to the "Account > Change Plan" page.
  • Click "Looking to cancel your account?" or "Close your account".
  • On the next page, please select a reason, leave a comment (optional), and then click "Submit answer and close account".

If you want your account fully deleted, please submit a support ticket from inside your account requesting deletion. Go to "Support" at the top of the control panel > "Support Desk" > submit a ticket.

If you encounter any issues canceling/closing your account or would like to discuss your situation further, please reach out to our friendly support team for assistance. 

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