VAT/GST Charged On Purchases

We currently use two different payment providers to process payments: ClickBank (which we are phasing out) and FastSpring. Please see below for more information about these two payment providers and how they handle VAT/GST.



We use FastSpring to process payments on all accounts created since July 2013, and any of our older accounts that have changed their SMTP2GO plan since then.

FastSpring handles VAT/GST in a more advanced way, by allowing you to enter your VAT/GST number (if you have one) at the time of purchase, and thereby avoiding VAT/GST.

More information can be found at FastSpring.

Specific country tax information is available here.



ClickBank is limited in that it doesn't give you the opportunity to enter your VAT/GST number (if you have one) at the time of purchase. Therefore, you will need to claim back any VAT/GST that we have charged you.

ClickBank provides the following information about VAT:

As of July 1, 2003, online retailers of digital products like ClickBank, are required to collect VAT taxes on digital goods. The value-added tax is a European sales tax, charged to customers in the European Community (EC).

This includes all downloadable material like software and eBooks. You can click through the following links for more information on VAT taxes for digital goods.

European Commission - Taxation and Customs Union

Article by The Register

If you feel you were charged in error, please contact your country's taxation bureau.
ClickBank's VAT ID# is EU826000301.


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