VAT/GST Charged On Purchases

We currently use two main payment providers to process payments: Chargebee and FastSpring. Please see below for more information about these two payment providers and how they handle VAT/GST.



We use Chargebee to process payments on all accounts created since May 2022, and any of our older accounts that have changed their SMTP2GO plan since then.

If you are a business with a VAT/GST number, you can enter this at the time of purchase to avoid paying VAT/GST.



We use FastSpring to process payments on accounts created prior to May 2022, that haven't subsequently switched to Chargebee.

Like Chargebee, FastSpring allows you to enter your VAT/GST number at the time of purchase and avoid the VAT/GST charge.

More information can be found at FastSpring.

Specific country tax information is available here.



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