When To Use A Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP address in your SMTP2GO account means that all of your emails are sent out from an IP address that is only used by your own account. The reputation of this IP address is solely determined by the email that you send. This will also mean that if you send a lot of emails to particular domains, a dedicated IP address can make allow listing easier.

It is important to note that a dedicated IP is not suitable for everyone. You should be sending enough emails through your SMTP2GO account on a regular basis in order to maintain the reputation of your IP address. A minimum suggested volume is 5,000 emails per day, at least 3 days per week.

SMTP2GO accounts on plans that allow at least 100,000 emails/month are automatically assigned one dedicated IP address. Larger senders may wish to purchase additional dedicated IP addresses. Two reasons for wanting multiple dedicated IP address are:

  1. You are sending more than 500,000 emails per month. Some email providers restrict the number of emails they accept from an individual IP address per hour or per day. Using more than one dedicated IP address often benefits large senders by getting around such restrictions. In general, you need a dedicated IP address for every 2 million emails in your plan size. However, if you have a large concentration of recipient email addresses in any one email provider (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) you may need more than this.
  2. You are sending both transactional emails (such as welcome emails, or receipt of purchase emails), as well as marketing emails. If you have enough volume of each type, you can create an IP Pool for each on the "Settings > Dedicated IPs" page. Then, from the "Sending > SMTP Users" page, assign a different SMTP User to each pool. Your important transactional emails can then be sent from a different IP address to your marketing emails.


Dedicated IP FAQ

How much does a dedicated IP cost?
One dedicated IP is included in all plans of 100,000 emails per month and above. Additional dedicated IPs can be added on the "Settings > Dedicated IPs" page for USD $19 per IP per month. 

Are dedicated IPs pre-warmed?
Yes, SMTP2GO pre-warms dedicated IPs to a certain extent. However, we still recommend you gradually increase the volume to avoid being blocked or triggering ISP fail-safes which may assume your mailing system has been compromised. Check out our "How to warm up an IP address" blog article for further information.

What happens if my dedicated IP gets blacklisted?
The SMTP2GO Review Team constantly monitors the performance of all IPs including the sender reputation and blacklist checks. If possible, we’ll take action to resolve a problem immediately without your involvement. However, if sending results in blocklisting or a degraded sending reputation, our review team will make contact to offer advice and ask you to conduct further investigation to resolve the issue. If problems persist or appropriate improvements are not made, further action or account suspension may need to be taken to protect our sending reputation.

Can we set up reverse DNS?
SMTP2GO handles the reverse DNS automatically so there's no need to worry about that. If you have a requirement for rDNS to be customized, please reach out to our support team to discuss it further.

We don't send 100,000+ emails per month - can we still have a dedicated IP?
Dedicated IPs are not included in lower-volume plans as without sufficient volume and consistency there won't be enough sending to sustain a solid reputation. The lower-volume plans use our high-quality shared IP pools which rotate frequently. If you have specific delivery requirements please reach out to our support team to discuss further.

SMTP2GO's award-winning support team is available to answer further dedicated IP questions and discuss how a dedicated IP can benefit your sending via live chat, support ticket or phone. 

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