New Account Limits and the Review Process

At SMTP2GO, we have a great online reputation, which we’re keen to protect, and we’re dedicated to keeping our IP addresses clean and off blocklists. Our review process helps us achieve this, ensuring that we can offer a world-class service to all of our customers.

All new accounts are subject to a review process by our review team.

The initial sending quota for all new accounts is 1,000 emails. Once this limit has been reached, the account will be assessed and, if sending is in accordance with our terms of service, it will be fully activated. Any emails sent over the initial sending limit (1,000 emails) will be held in a mail queue. 

On opening an account with us, the following must be complied with:

  • Do not send unsolicited email of any kind - it is strictly forbidden.
  • If sending to a mailing list, you must already have permission to send to your recipients.
  • All mailing lists must be up-to-date and have had emails sent to them within the previous three months.

How To Speed Up The Review Process

Begin sending emails through your SMTP2GO account - the sooner your initial quota is sent, the quicker your account will be assessed.

If you are sending marketing emails you need to add an unsubscribe footer to your emails (we recommend this), or have your own unsubscribe system instead. It’s essential to give email recipients a way to remove themselves from your mailing list to meet the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act, and protect both your and our reputations.

My Account Was Blocked - What Do I Do?

You can request the review team reconsider the block, but before you do, make sure you've responded to any requests for information and are following the guidelines at the beginning of this article.

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