Recommended Mailing List Software

Standard email software, such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail is not suitable for sending to a large number of recipients (mailing list), and also cannot be used to send automated emails. The use of mailing list software means that thousands of emails can be easily sent - each email sent to only one email address. Mailing list software can also be used to personalize each email sent (e.g. Dear <Name>) and comes with many additional email sending capabilities.

Cloud-based mailing provider
We highly recommend for contact management, sending automated emails based on rules that you create, and A/B testing (split-testing). It is the most intuitive system we've found (and we've tried most). We also use it ourselves.
If you're unsure, chat with our sales team about your specific requirements, and we can get you up-and-running.



Windows users (downloaded software)
We recommend Infacta Groupmail
Setup instructions


Mac users (downloaded software)
We recommend Direct Mail for Mac
Download | Setup Instructions


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