SPF and DKIM Setup for Office 365

Step 1

Login to Office 365 and click on 'Admin'.


Step 2

Once inside the Microsoft 365 admin center, navigate to the 'Setup > Domains' page.
Click the domain name you wish to send emails from. 


Step 3

The following instructions are for domains that say 'Domain managed by Office 365'.
Click the pencil icon that is shown in the TXT row. 


Step 4

Enter the SPF record that we recommend for you into the TXT(SPF) value field. You can find your recommended SPF record from the Sender Domains page in your SMTP2GO App.
Click Save


Step 5

To create a DKIM record, click the New custom record button.
Select the CNAME (Alias) option from the Select DNS type drop-down menu.
Enter the Hostname we recommend into the Host name or Alias field. 
Enter the Value that we advise for your CNAME record into the Points to address field, then click the Save button.


You can find the "Hostname" and "Value" in the "Sender Domains" section of your SMTP2GO dashboard.

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