Quota Usage Notifications

SMTP2GO sends email notifications to team members that have 'Notifications' enabled when the account's monthly quota reaches the following levels:

  • 80% of the monthly allowance
  • 90% of the monthly allowance
  • 95% of the monthly allowance
  • 100% of the monthly allowance

At 100%, accounts on the free plan are no longer able to send and would need to upgrade to continue or wait until the monthly quota resets. Attempts to send will be rejected and are not held in the mail queue.

Accounts on any paid-level plan have more flexibility and can continue up to three times the monthly limit by going into Email Overage. For example, if you are on the Professional 100,000 emails per month plan and need to send an extra 50,000 emails, you can do so without needing to upgrade. Instead, you'll be charged an overage cost per 1,000 extra emails sent over your monthly limit. View our Email Overage guide for further information. 

When in Email Overage, notifications will be sent at:

  • 180% of the monthly allowance
  • 200% of the monthly allowance
  • 280% of the monthly allowance
  • 300% of the monthly allowance

Once 300% of the monthly allowance is reached, attempts to send will be rejected, and emails will not be held in the mail queue. To continue sending, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Additional Notifications

Free Plan:
The free plan has a limit of 200 emails per day and a notification will be sent once that limit has been reached. You can continue to send but emails will be queued (they will show as 'Processed' on the Activity page) and delivered at a maximum rate of 200 emails per day. 

Additionally, if there are no verified domains on the "Sending > Verified Senders > Sender domains" page, the free plan will have a limit of 25 emails per hour. If reached, a notification will be sent and further emails will be held in the mail queue (they will show as 'Processed' on the Activity page) and delivered at a maximum rate of 25 emails per hour. 

SMS Messaging:
If using SMS Messaging, notifications will be sent in regard to usage if you reach 80%, 90%, and 100%. To continue sending SMS, you will need to contact our support team to increase the limit. Attempts to send SMS messages over 100% will be rejected and not held in the queue.

Rate Limits:
If a rate limit has been set for an SMTP User, IP (IP Authentication), or API Key, notifications will be sent once sending reaches 80%, 90%, and 100% of the period set.

New paid account temporary probation limit: 
All new paid accounts initially go through the one-time review process where there will be a temporary limit of 1,000 emails per day and if reached, a notification will be sent. Additional emails sent will be held in the mail queue and delivered at a rate of 1,000 emails per day or released as soon as the account is fully activated. The review process is to ensure the use of your account complies with our Terms of Service. For further information, see New Account Limits and the Review Process.

Note: Usage notifications are not customizable. 

If you have questions in regard to usage notifications or your account, please contact our award-winning support team for assistance. 

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