Account Recovery - Login Access

This article covers the account recovery options if you become locked out of your SMTP2GO account and need to gain access. 

I do not remember the login email address or password for my account

If you are unable to log in due to receiving an error such as "Your username or password is incorrect" and you do not remember the login email address, please reach out to our support team with as much information in regard to your account as possible and we can assist further. If you've simply forgotten the password, you can request a password reset email to update that. 

The account login email address no longer exists

If you still own the domain we recommend you have your domain administrator re-create the email address so you can log in. The address needs to have a valid mailbox so you can request a password reset email and receive the verified login device (VLD) email during the login process for security.

Where possible, your best option will be to recreate the mailbox. If you own the domain, this should be fairly easy to do. This will allow you to reset the password and then update your login details. If you cannot re-create the address, please see the options covered in the section below in regard to free and paid accounts.

If any of the following apply:

  • Your domain has changed,
  • You no longer have access to the email address,
  • The previous account owner no longer works for the company,
  • You are unable to gain access to the mailbox to do a password reset or redirect any incoming email, or
  • You cannot access the account due to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA),

Then for paid accounts, you will need to contact our support team to explain the situation. They will ask for some verification details and if they deem the information sufficient, they may be able to invite a new email address to have login access to the account. 

For free accounts, you will need to create a new account as there is not sufficient data to prove account ownership for free accounts.

What if we cannot re-create an email address or don't have domain access ourselves and can't prove account ownership?

Unfortunately, in this situation, you will need to create a new account. Due to privacy and security, we cannot give access to an account without proof of ownership and we cannot transfer data from one account to another. 


If you are unable to access your account or have specific questions please contact our friendly award-winning support team who will assist further. 

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