Email 'Delivered' - Recipient Reports Non Delivery

If you have a recipient telling you that they did not receive your email, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Investigate the email in your SMTP2GO account on the 'Reports > Activity' page to ensure it was delivered by viewing the delivery information on the 'Timeline' tab. The details displayed here will give you a better insight into what events occurred for the email and you can make sure that it was not bounced, rejected, or encountered any delivery issues. 


If the email has a 'Delivered' event then this means the recipient's incoming server communicated to us that it has the email. The detail under the 'Info' column for the 'Delivered' event is the confirmation response we receive from the recipient's incoming server confirming that it received the email from us. From that point, it is up to the recipient server what happens with the email.

2. Ensure the recipient has checked all mailbox folders in case it was filtered to one other than their inbox (e.g. junk/spam or promotions). If they find the email in one of those folders we recommend they move the email to their inbox to help retrain their mailbox and safe list your email address by adding it to their address book. They may also need to check that the email was not quarantined by their filtering and possibly allow list/safelist our IP addresses.
Standard allow list/safelist guide
O365 specific safelist gudie

3. If the recipient still cannot locate the email, they will need to carry out further investigation from their side (may need to contact their incoming email provider) to identify what their incoming server has done with the email. The 'Delivered' confirmation response can be used to track the email as it contains the unique information for the email given by their incoming server.

As the sender, some main tips to ensure you are in the position to get the best delivery rates include:

  • Make sure your domain is verified on your 'Sending > Verified Senders > Sender domains' page.
  • Check your domain is not listed on any blacklists - MXToolbox has a handy blacklist check.
  • You can check how emails will score with spam filtering using our Email Testing tool (available on plans of 100,000 emails per month and above) or use a service such as Mail-Tester. These will help to see if there's anything that could trigger the recipient's filtering which will affect delivery.

If you have further questions or would like our team to help investigate further, please contact our support team and include as much information as possible in your request.


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