SPF and DKIM Setup for DirectAdmin

Step 1

Log in to your DirectAdmin account. Click on your desired domain name and click DNS Management.

Step 2

To create a new SPF record, go to the Add Domain Records section. 

Enter @ into the first field of the TXT line.

Enter the SPF record that we recommend for you into the field next to TXT. You can find your recommended SPF record from the Sender Domains page in your SMTP2GO App.

If you are interested, take a look at some more detailed information about SPF records here.

 Click the Add button to create the SPF Record.

Step 3

To create a DKIM record, go to the Add Domain Records section.

Enter the Hostname we recommend into the first field of the CNAME line.

Enter the Value that we advise for your CNAME record into the field next to CNAME.


Click the Add button.


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